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Ursa Vases, Orrefors, 1932

Ursa Vases, Orrefors, 1932

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Exquisitely hand-engraved, this pair depicts  a Greek legend. Zeus fell in love with the  huntress Callisto, and she bore him a son  named Arcas. In a fit of jealous rage, Zeus's  wife turned Callisto into a bear. Time passed,  and one day Arcas was out hunting. How  was he to know that the bear he was  stalking was his own mother?! On seeing  that Callisto's life was in danger, Zeus  whisked her up into the night sky out of  harm's way. She can still be seen in the  constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear. 

Dimensions:  6.5"H and 9"H"" high
Material: Glass
Source: Sweden

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